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IAPRI Bangkok 2022

The world's leading packaging technologist conference is coming back to Thailand.

The International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI) has awarded Thailand to be the host of the 23rd Packaging World Conference, IAPRI Bangkok 2022 during 12-16 June 2022.

Hosted by Thai Packaging Centre (TPC), Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR), IAPRI Bangkok - Packaging for World Crisis: Survivability and Sustainability.

Stay tuned for stakeholder keynotes and groundbreaking researches from world's leading packaging technologists.

The pandemic brought about a magnitude of packaging challenges - from sustainability to product safety, and we technologists have the opportunity as well as responsibility to research & develop all aspects of packaging and share with the world.

Deputy Governor Industrial Services, TISTR

Secretary General, APF

Dr. Pattra Maneesin

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