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30th IAPRI 2021 Member Conference - Virtual Series The 30th IAPRI Member Conference

Updated: Jun 17

The 30th IAPRI Member Conference will be held June 15-17, 2021 as a virtual series of live presentations like the in-person version of technical track presentations on packaging research from IAPRI members. Although it is going to be virtual, we are working hard to make the Conference as informative and fun as a face-to-face event.

The conference agenda is being completed; we just have a couple more peer-reviewed papers to be finalized. When finished you will be notified by email and the agenda will be published on the Whova app and the IAPRI event page.

We hope you are planning to attend the live sessions. You will be able to pick and choose which sessions you want to attend. It will be three days of three tracks each consisting of 5 presentations and a social networking opportunity. Sessions will be recorded, and you can view at a more convenient time later. This will allow you to see presentations from other sessions during simultaneous tracks.

Here are some very important things you must know and do as we move forward:

  • You should register for the conference: Since this is a Member Conference, all attendees must be affiliated with a member institution or corporation. You must have access via member login to the IAPRI website. If you need to be added as an additional contact at your member institute, contact Ed Church at with your contact information.

Registration fees: Members - $75 & Student Members (Undergraduates and Master's Candidates)- $25

Registration Link

  • You should download the Whova app which can be used on your computer and mobile device here Download Link . If you use the same email as you used to register with IAPRI you should automatically join the IAPRI event. Otherwise use the invitation code: iapri2021mc

  • You need to upload information to Whova: The Whova app will send you an email requesting you to upload more information about yourself; It is convenient to access online, and you can update the form as many times as needed. We ask that you include a picture as well. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

We sincerely hope you plan to attend and make this a huge success for IAPRI.

Stay in front line

Become a Conference Sponsor.

Being a sponsor indicates you are willing to contribute to the packaging research community to which the IAPRI member institutes and their researchers belong.

Sponsors benefits:

  • Improve your branding: all the researchers will know you are supporting them what means positive feelings about your brand!

  • Snowball effect: researchers are usually asked for technologies or services by the industry they work with, it could be your brand.

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There is just one level of sponsorship and it is set at only $500.

Whova´s features also include:

  • Highlighting your brand throughout the event. On the event main page, attendees can access the sponsor list. Your listing Includes logos and links to your home page and social media. To give sponsors more exposure, there are rotating banners. This is a highlight shown on the pages attendees most frequently visit.

  • Sponsors can plan targeted networking to create business opportunities with virtual attendees and other potential sponsors. To maximize your brand awareness at the event and better showcase your company, we provide you with the opportunity to enrich your sponsor profiles.

  • You can upload your company videos, set up live streams, and edit descriptions. You can upload two company brochures and handouts. That attendees can download. All the information you upload will be available to attendees before and throughout the event via the app from

  • Whova’s Community Board allows everyone to come together and mingle online in one place, whether you are an organizer, a sponsor, an attendee, or a speaker. You can view a short video on the benefits of sponsorship at

If you have any questions, please contact Ed Church, Incoming IAPRI Secretary General at

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